Survey Facial Ultrasound Courses

Please find below the survey of the Cutaneous facial ultrasound courses. If you would like to answer the following questions, we would be very grateful.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

1. Quality of the event

Extremely usefulUsefulFairly usefulNot useful
ExcellentGoodFairly goodPoorVery poor

2. Relevance of the event

Very muchSomewhatNot muchNot at allUndecided
Very muchSomewhatNot muchNot at allUndecided
Extremely usefulUsefulFairly usefulNot usefulUndecided/ DNA
Course day session

3. Suitability of formats used during the event

Yes, always/almost alwaysYes, sometimesNeverUndecided

4. Ways the event affects clinical practice

Very muchSomewhatNot muchNot at allUndecided

5. Commercial bias

Yes, allYes, for the majorityYes, but only a small partNoUndecided/ don’t know
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
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