Complaints procedure

Our initial conversation attempts to discover how we can best understand how we can serve your interests and needs and we want to ensure that you fully enjoy and value the programme. We will also inform you of the complaints procedure available to you if you should want to make a complaint. If you have any complaints about any aspects of the event or its administration, this should in the first instance be directed to us, at and we will of course do my best to resolve any complaint. Your complaint will be acknowledged by email within one week. If your complaint requires longer consideration to offer a fuller explanation to you, we will keep you informed for any reason for delay and a clear indication of the date when we expect to reach a conclusion.

If you are not satisfied that your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction, we ask you to contact an independent person from the following mediation company:

Mediation Amsterdam
Johan van Hasseltweg 2C1
1022 WV Amsterdam
020 685 33 30

This is an independent mediation company who will consider your complaint and whose judgement and verdict will be binding upon our company, without infringing your rights to seek any other form of redress in any way that you wish to pursue. We would enact the binding judgement of the independent person promptly, including taking measures to change any procedures processes or behaviours that gave rise to the complaint.

Any complaint is treated with the utmost discretion and is confidential. Any complaint will be recorded in a client file and kept for five years.