70 shades of Grey Webinar | ‘how to understand facial ultrasound’ | Part 2: The Midface was a live webinar organized by the Cutaneous group in collaboration with Prof. Sebastian Cotofana on March 22nd, 2023.
What to expect
The recording of this live webinar will display how to use facial ultrasound and certain areas of the face. The webinar will teach you the basics of facial ultrasound and the anatomy of the face. The webinar is interactive and includes a live class and demo using ultrasound and Q&A with Dr. Peter Velthuis, Dr. Leonie Schelke & Prof. Sebastian Cotofana.

The multiple webinars will cover 5 different areas of the face in total starting with the jawline in webinar 1. the midface in webinar 2, the temples in webinar 3 and the forehead and nose in webinar 4. Raise the bar in your professional development.

Webinar recording
After your registration you will get access to the recording of the webinar in your account. The duration of the webinar recording is 90 minutes and will be available for 1 year.