Course directors
Dr. Peter Velthuis
Dr. Rosa Sigrist
Dr. Leonie Schelke

April 25, 2024

Hotel Pullman Ibirapuera
Rua Joinville, 515
CEP 04008-011 | São Paulo | SP

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Cancelation policy
The course can be freely cancelled until 6 weeks before the course date. The course payment will then be fully refunded. If the course does not meet the minimum amount of 15 participants before March 25th, the course will also be canceled and the course payment will be fully refunded.

More information
For more information about the course, please contact us at For the program of the course please click the following link: Course Program

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Base course on ultrasound imaging São Paulo April 25, 2024


About the Course
The Cutaneous Base Course is a 1-day hands-on & theory course designed to make you ready for the use of facial ultrasound imaging in your own office. By the end of the day you have gained the basic skills needed to implement ultrasound as a safety and quality enhancement tool in your daily practice.

Learn from the best tutors in the world

We have created our courses with the help of an educational expert to provide maximum of training in both knowledge and skills. The content is updated continuously with the latest insights provided by our own research and by our frequent meetings with leaders in the field of ultrasound, anatomy, dermatology, and surgery. Because of the small group of attendees and the very knowledgeable trainers, you can pick the brains of the best tutors in the world.

Bonus: including free basic e-learning course (worth 495 EUR)
As a participant in our base course, you will get free access to our basic e-learning course.
After this course you:
– Are trained in performing ultrasound guided-injections
– Will be able to interpret the US images on your screen
– Will be able to identify anatomical structures, including blood vessels, muscles, foramina, etc.
– Can identify any filler material
– Will have raised your professional development in cosmetic medicine

What to expect?
The course has two components. First, prior to the training itself, you are supposed to study the basic e-learning module at your convenience. This will give you all the theoretical information about facial ultrasound imaging (5 hours). You will need this knowledge to make the most of the second part.

Secondly, the 1-day hands-on training is almost entirely focused on training your skills in optimizing imaging with different ultrasound machines. You will also learn to interpret the various ‘shades of gray’ in the images.

For who is this course?
– Cosmetic doctors
– For those who want to gain the basic skills of facial ultrasound and are ready to implement facial ultrasound in their daily practice.
– For those who work already with facial ultrasound but want to develop their knowledge, skills & techniques.

Why should I follow this course:
– Facial ultrasound is essential if you care for your patients.
– Facial ultrasound teaches you whether your filler ends up in the correct layer. We know that is frequently not the case!
– Facial ultrasound is what patients will ask for in the next year