Course directors
Dr. Peter Velthuis
Dr. Włodzimierz Rosiński
Dr Natalia Musiał-Kaczmarek

Scientific partner

January 13, 2024

Aestetic Clinic
Promienista 132/1
60-142 Poznań

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ADVANCED COURSE – Advanced Course in Facial Ultrasound Imaging, Poznan January 13, 2024

About the Course
This course promises to expand practitioners’ knowledge and prepare them for leading-edge patient care.
We have created our courses with the help of an educational expert to provide a maximum of training in both knowledge and skills. The content is updated continuously with the latest insights provided by our own research and by our frequent meetings with leaders in the field of ultrasound, anatomy, dermatology, and surgery. Because of the small group of attendees and the very knowledgeable trainers, you can pick the brains of the best tutors in the world.

Implement ultrasound as a safety and quality enhancement tool in your daily practice.

What to expect?

  • Hands-on recap of facial ultrasound anatomy with some challenging new assignments.
  • New insights gained from filler complications during the last 2 years.
  • Live demonstration of new injection techniques based on these insights.

For who is this course?

  • This course is only accessible for Medical doctors
  • For those experienced with facial ultrasound and want to develop their knowledge, skills & techniques.

Why should I follow this course:

  • Facial ultrasound is essential if you care for your patients.
  • Facial ultrasound teaches you whether your filler ends up in the correct layer. We know that is frequently not the case!
  • Facial ultrasound is what patients will ask for in the next years.

‘Physicians working without ultrasound are not aware how inadequate their treatments are.’

Free access to webinar recordings
Participants of this course will also receive exclusive access to the recording of the 70 shades of Grey Webinars | ‘how to understand facial ultrasound’.